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Medium Voltage 3.3KV upto 33KV Switch Gear PanelClick on thumb to view details

Cubical type UNISAFE 36 with VD-4 Type Vaccum circuit breaker

Salient Features :


Cost Saving.

Easy Operation & Installation.

High Quality Material, Performance & Service.

Latest Technology & Design.

Cubicle Type VHA 12S with HPA Type SF6 Circuit Breaker

The VHA type Cubicle is designed and type tested to meet requirements of IEC 298 & IS : 3427

Fully compartmentalised construction with IP4X degree of protection

externally and IP2X between compartments.

Independent exhaust vent for all HT compartmens.

Integral Earthing Switch ( optional ).

Busriser is provided in bus coupler panel itself for panels rated upto 12kV 2000A,

leading to floor space saving.

Cubicle Type VHA-36 with HPA Type SF6 Circuit Breaker

Salient Features :

Fully compartmentalised construction with IP4X degree of protection externally and IP2X between compartments.

Emphasis on operatorís safety :

Foolproof mechanical interlock to prevent rack-in and rack-out of closed breaker.

Independent exhaust vent for all HT compartments. Racking in/out of breaker with closed door only. Multiple guides for safe, sure and enduring self aligning power contacts. Live parts are covered by automatic shutters when breaker is racked out. Integral earthing switch ( optional ).

ZS1 Switchgear (UniGear)

Rated Voltage 12 kV / 17.5 kV.

Rated frequency 50 Hz.

Rated current of circuit breaker Ėup to 4000A

Rated short-time current 1 S-31.5 kA ,& 44 kA

UniSafe Cubicle - For Maximum Safety

Designed ad type tested to meet reuirements of IEC62271-200 & 60694 / IS:3427

Air inslated indoor switchgear

Metal clad compartmentalised construction

Internal arc tested

IP4X degree of protection externally (IP5X available as option)

Independant exhaust vents for all HT compartments.

Indoor Air Switch Disconnector, NAL / NALF

The switch disconnectors meet IEC Publication 199, 265 and 694 concerning switches for general use and IEC Publication 420 for safe co-operation between switch disconnector and fuse. SafeRing is designed for use in the following applications : Compact secondary substations Small industries Wind power plants Hotels, shopping centres, office buildings, business centres, etc. Light mining applications, airports hospitals, tunnels and underground railways.

SF6 insulated Compact SwitchGear

SafeRing is a ring main unit for the secondary distribution network. SafeRing can be supplied in 10 different configurations suitable for most switching applications in 12/24 kV distribution networks. It is extendable and combined with the safePlus concept, which is a flexible modular compact switchgear, they represent a complete solution for 12/24 kV secondary distribution networks, SafeRing and safePlus have identical user interfaces

Outdoor Vacum Circuit Breaker Type SDB 12S 12kV,Upto 1600A, Upto 26.3kA for 3SEc.

Salient Features :

Porcelain clad construction, suitable for outdoor sub-station layouts.

Fully type tested. Guarenteed for long electrical life with proven vaccum interrupters and excellent arc quenching and insulating properties of vaccum. Guarenteed for long mechanical life. Minimal operating energy required enabling use of simple, reliable and proven low energy spring operating mechanism. Re-strike free. Suitable for Auto Recloser Duty Cycle of O-0.3s-CO-3min-CO. Easy to install. Structure mounted, with an option to extend structure for mounting of instrument transformer. Complete breaker can be shipped as one single unit. No adjustment required at site.

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