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Welcome to Shobha Hospital


Ambarnath is having a population of 7-8 lacs. The City is known for famous temple of Shiva (Shiva Mandir) of 1400 BC. various small scale industries thrieve in Ambarnath along with Ordinance Factory, DMC Co., Albright & Wilson, Wimco Co., ASB international and so on.

One Doctor to take care of different kind of patients, is not sufficient. Now a group of Doctors are necessary under one roof to treat multiple diseases, a single patient may posseses in order to cater proper medical facilities to the public under one roof has lead to build a Multi-Speciality Hospital "Shobha Hospital".

Here different doctors are visiting as per their speciality to cater the state of art services with latest medical equipments. It is a private hospital. The working of the hospital is role model of a small corporate hospital. All medical, surgical, Gynaecological and Trauma care Patients can be treated here. We have performed all major surgeries including urological, laparoscopic & cancer surgeries here successfully. We are proud to provide you further detailed information.

MBBS, MS FACRSI Consulting Gastroenterologist

Dr. Sunil M. Kavathe Graduated in 1982 (M.S.) from Gujarat University. For further studies in Gastroenterology, he went to USA. He did courses from AGA and ASGE in diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopies from New York, New Jersey and New Orleans in 1984.

With such a backup he started his first GI endoscopy clinic in Ambarnath in 1984 where Gastroscopies, Colonoscopies, Sclerotherapy for variceal bleeding, Cauterisation for bleeding, ulcers and polypectomies for colonic polyps were performed.

Shobha Hospital was established in 1986. With the enthusiasm to start new procedures, he conducted for the first time in Thane District Laperoscopic Cholecystectomy operations 1992 at Ambernath.

In 1999 this new state of art hospital near Welfare Centre on Shiv mandir road with all proper & updated Medical facilities even Equipments inaugrated to serve community of Ambarnath.

• He is Charter President of Indian Medical Association (IMA) Ambarnath-    Badlapur Branch from 1998.
• He also had an opportunity to be President of Rotary Club of Ambarnath    in 2000-01 & Chairman RCT in 2002 - 2003.
• He has published book on egypt named "Pyramids" with 1½ hors of DVD.
• Consultant at Fortis Haspital Kalyan.
• Delivered lectures all over India and attended many international      conferance all over world.
• General & Laperoscopic Surgeon.
• Member of Association of Surgeon of India.
• Member of Association of Surgical.
• Gastroenterology.
• Member of Thane Surgical Society.
• Member of Gastro Intestinal Club.
• Fellow of Association of Colerectal Surgeons of India.
• Proprietor of Shobha General Hospital.
• Working President of Marathi Pravan Varnana Lekhak Manch.


In our old hospital we have reserved 2 beds for the poor & needy Patients. Where all the hospital services are provided at minimum cost or free. Patients may have to bear Medicines, Investigation and Aneasthesia cost. In order to avail of there services patients to be reffered from some organisation or responsible citizen.

Straight Answers in 'The Times of India' dated January 28, 2000
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